at Wärtsilä in Singapore

Service solutions

Lifecycle efficiency solutions

We provide full service throughout the product life-cycle for both marine and power-plant customers, and we are constantly developing our network and services worldwide.

We are continually broadening our range of services and adding valuable products and specialist services to our portfolio. In this way we also support equipment on board your vessels, either by becoming the OEM or by providing non-OEM services in key ports.

Engine services

Engine services form the core of our activities. We provide complete engine and related systems services globally, covering both Wärtsilä and other engine makes

Propulsion Services

Our propulsion product companies in the Netherlands, Norway, the United Kingdom and Japan together with our service Network, provide state-of-the-art solutions for any type of propulsion or shaft-sealing problem.

Electrical & Automation Services

Our Electrical & Automation Services cover service, maintenance, repair, upgrade and modernization, and design engineering for all types of power systems, diesel electric propulsion, steam and gas turbines, electrical systems, vessel control and automation systems as well as land-based power plants.

Boiler Services

Our 140-strong Boiler Services team at Wärtsilä Singapore offers a comprehensive range of boiler services such as boiler inspections, evaluating the condition of the boiler, determining repair needs, making adjustments and replacing boilers to on-site installations.  Woeking carefully with selected materials and precise specifications, we can service and repair a damaged boiler of any brand and restore it to a fully operational status.

Training Services

The Singapore training facility is the latest addition to the global Wärtsilä Land & Sea Academy.  The facility is located near one of the world's largest shipyards, making it ideal for training the crew before they take over installations.  The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art simulators and the crews are taught by specialized teams of experienced engineers.

Service Agreements

Wärtsilä Singapore has a proven track record in operation and maintenance services.  Supported by Wärtsilä's global network, our full range of services will ensure reliable performance from receiving fuel to supply energy.  Our task is to take accountability for customers' operations, giving them a peace of mind and the freedom to focus on their core business.

Environmental Services

We provide products and solutions ranging from reduction of different air emissions (NOx, SOx, CO, VOC) and adaption to different fuels, to ballast water treatments and other water solutions.  Our environmental services portfolio includes a range of solutions and services aimed at both land-based power plants and ship installations.

 Seals and Bearings Services

With more than 125 years of seals and bearings experience, from R&D through to Global Field Service, Wärtsilä has the ability to answer your needs.  By offering a complete stern tube package including seals and bearings that are all manufactured by Wärtsilä , we can offer a lifecycle solutions and the best customer service with the quickest response times and environment compliance now and in the future.

Service Projects

Our service project team can assist you with feasibility studies, financing models, technical solutions and project execution.  This gives you time to focus on your core business while we manage the risks.  Wärtsilä Service Projects services you globally with project centres on three continents.

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