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Environmental Services

Wärtsilä provide products and solutions ranging from reduction of different air emissions (NOx, SOx, CO, VOC) and adaption to different fuels, to ballast water treatment and other water solutions.

Our environmental services portfolio includes a range of solutions and services aimed at both land based power plants and ship installations.  As part of the portfolio we offer catalysts (SCR) that reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emission  and scrubbers for removing sulphur oxides (SOx).  Both are harmful emissions with detrimental effects on humans and nature.  We can also offer complete waste and fresh water management systems for power plants and marine applications that meet the most stringent standards, as well as ballast water management systems which are vital in preventing organisms from one ecosystem to upset the ecological balance in another.  Our offerings cover total service packages, including start-ups, installations, engineering work, and maintenance and repairs.

Other Wärtsilä  environmental solutions

  • Inert Gas Systems
  • Steam Condensers
  • Scrubber Water Treatment
  • Slop Water Treatment
  • Thermal Desalination Plants
  • Vaccum Toilets

For more information on the above services, please call +65-62659122 (during office hours) or +65-98358200 (24 hrs hotline) or e-mail

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