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Insitu Services

With Wärtsilä's effective range of insitu machining options, the enginebe up and running in the shortest possible time. Our proprietary of in situ machining equipment is centred around recovering damage crankshafts with crankpin diameters between 170 and 1020 millimetres. Larger diameters are handled case by case.

Insitu Services offered in Singapore.

  • Machining of top & lower liner landings and on-site re-sleeving of worn down area
  • Removal of broken studs by drilling & machining
  • Surface machining for flatness e.g. turret, foundation blocks, etc.
  • On-site welding & machining of main/auxilliary stop valve for power generation plant
  • On-site machining of rudder taper bore and tailshafts
  • Vertical boring on bearing pockets, pintle housing and bearing, rudder bearing housing, etc.
  • Line boring on engines’ main bearing pockets, turbine bearing pockets, etc.
  • Milling works on pump foundation, rudder keyways, etc.
  • Surface machining on pedestals, condenser covers, entablature landings, jackets and cylinder liners, etc. from 100mm to 3.5 meter in diameter
  • Stern tube boring works
  • Engine crankshaft (main and crank pin journals) machining, grinding and super-polishing works
  • Machining and reaming of coupling fit bolt holes
  • Honing works
  • Laser alignment works.
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