Our lifecycle solutions offer you measurable and guaranteed benefits in a safe, reliable and environmentally-friendly way. These include improved availability and performance, productivity gains and cost benefits, as well as maximised lifetime for your installation.

Long term partnership

A service agreement ensures reliable performance from receiving of fuel to supplying energy.

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LIFECYCLE EFFICIENCY - a way to enhance your business

Lifecycle efficiency is a business approach that aims to improve profits by getting the best and longest use out of installations. It consists of preventing the unexpected, optimising performance and improving environmental efficiency.

Improving energy efficiency in the merchant...

Energy efficiency is one of the most efficient ways to reduce operating costs and increase competitiveness...

Improving energy efficiency in the cruise...

Improvements in energy efficiency lead to increased profitability, reduced emissions and a more sustainable...

Improving energy efficiency in the energy...

With up-to-date equipment, well-planned maintenance and skilled operation, energy efficiency can be kept...

Optimising ship lifecycle efficiency

Optimising lifecycle efficiency means identifying and planning – in a holistic way – value generating...
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    In our global address book you can find contact information to all Wärtsilä offices around the world. Choose the topic of your inquiry and how you wish to contact us.

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    Parts and Technical support

    Using our services online, you can order OEM spare parts online 24/7 for Wärtsilä brands. Reach for Technical Knowledge, TechRequest and CBM reports.

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    Training services

    Our global network of Wärtsilä Land and Sea Academy training centres covers all aspects of management, operation, maintenance and safety of your installation.

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