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Contact us

In our global address book you can find contact information to all Wärtsilä offices around the world. Choose the topic of your inquiry and how you wish to contact us.

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Parts and Technical support

Using our services online, you can order OEM spare parts online 24/7 for Wärtsilä brands. Reach for Technical Knowledge, TechRequest and CBM reports.

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Training services

Our global network of Wärtsilä Land and Sea Academy training centres covers all aspects of management, operation, maintenance and safety of your installation.

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Wärtsilä Online

With Wärtsilä Online you can manage your installation and equipment efficiently by accessing information whenever, wherever.

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Customer Support Centre (CSC)

CSC will support you by handling any operative questions/needs you have concerning your Wärtsilä products, or related to Wärtsilä Online.

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