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Lifecycle solutions - Service agreements for Marine industry


Guaranteed asset performance

The Wärtsilä Guaranteed asset performance lifecycle solution guarantees the operational reliability, performance and uptime of your assets. Maximised uptime is achieved through optimised maintenance and remote operational and technical support. Through condition monitoring and audits together with performance improvement plan higher availability and reliability will be achieved.
Customer benefits:
  • Guaranteed operational reliability and uptime
  • Savings in operational costs thanks to improved and maintained ship efficiency
  •  Maximised uptime through optimised maintenance and remote support
  •  Performance improvement plan
  •  Maintenance cost guarantee
  • Long-term cost predictability and shared goals

Optimised operations

The Wärtsilä Optimised operations lifecycle solution ensures your marine and offshore assets operate energy efficiently and that your Ship energy efficiency management plan (SEEMP) measures are in compliance with MARPOL regulation.
Customer benefits:
  • Optimised energy efficiency
  • Real-time advisory services
  • Long-term cost predictability and shared goals
  • Performance improvement plan
  • Maximised uptime through optimised maintenance and remote support 
  • SEEMP in compliance with MARPOL regulations
  • Global and local co-ordination through network companies with workshops and skilled service experts
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Optimised maintenance

The Wärtsilä Optimised maintenance lifecycle solution optimises maintenance intervals utilising its Dynamic maintenance planning (DMPTM) concept. The solution enables you to schedule maintenance according to actual needs instead of having to rely on a fixed maintenance schedule.
Customer benefits:
  • Maintenance cost and service level assurance
  • Long-term cost predictability and shared goals
  • Maximised uptime through optimised maintenance
  • Remote operational and technical support
  • Scheduled work and parts included
  • Global and local co-ordination through network companies with workshops and skilled service experts
  • OEM spare parts and consumables

Lifecycle Solutions for Marine Installations

A service agreement ensures reliable performance from receiving of fuel to supplying energy. We can free you from many day-to-day operational concerns so that you can focus on your core business.
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