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WÄRTSILÄ REvolution System

Wärtsilä REvolution System

Our new digital management system revolutionises sealing technology for hydropower customers, providing customers with intelligent, real-time active management of the sealing interface fluid film (pressurised water interface), minimising wear and removing the sealing components from the maintenance schedule critical path.

The aggregate benefit of small, incremental, operational gains across a number of components in a hydro turbine can be significant on your overall output.  By increasing the reliability of your turbine or pump shaft seals with a REvolution system, we can provide the solution to help you achieve this.

The REvolution system technology will help remove the risks of seal component failures which often result in unplanned maintenance and variability in performance.  By managing your shaft seal lifecycle automatically, you can manage your workload balance more effectively.

PIMS Pressurised interface management system

The system injects water into the sealing interface which provides lubrication and a means of maintaining a positive pressure, so that silt and debris do not get into the interface and wear it down quickly.
REvolution System Capabilities will Increase operational uptime and reliability”


The REvolution System uses data collected from the seal, such as interface temperature, service pressure and interface wear, to optimise the active control of the lubricating fluid film at the seal interface.  This real-time intervention automatically reduces friction and wear.


The REvolution System provides real-time seal wear measurement and real-time lifecycle prediction of the seal interfaces.­­­­


The REvolution System provides a seal management solution which minimizes the need for customer interaction and maintenance with the seal solution, while simultaneously providing instant access to the operational condition of the seal.

Data Access

  • Links to your SCADA or operates standalone
  • Links to existing control systems
  • Provides real-time data and intervention
  • Actively uses model predictive control techniques

Tailor Made Service Agreements

    •  Initial outlay moves from CAPEX budget to OPEX budget allowing costs re-distribution
    •  Reduces time spent on ‘Requests for quotations’ for CAPEX
    •  Lost revenue due to unplanned downtime & maintenance
    •  Match service agreements to maintenance cycles 5-10 years
A true fit and forget solution for turbine shaft seals”



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