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Optimising ship
lifecycle efficiency

Optimising lifecycle efficiency means identifying and planning – in a holistic way – value generating activities to optimise ship performance over the lifecycle.

LNG as a marine fuel boosts profitability while ensuring compliance

The choice of fuel is an increasingly important decision for ship operators, affecting both profitability and environmental compliance. Liquefied natural gas, or LNG, is an attractively priced and sustainable fuel that reduces environmental risks and harmful emissions. Using LNG engines decreases fuel costs while ensuring compliance with increasingly stringent regulations. These market trends and the increasingly stringent regulations require even more advanced technology, driving a need for new, innovative approaches to maintenance.
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Business white paper on Optimising ship lifecycle efficiency

Ship lifecycle efficiency optimisation is a holistic process of identifying and planning value-generating activities to optimise ship performance and lower costs over the lifecycle of the vessel. It starts with analysing the true condition of the vessel. Based on this analysis, operation and maintenance can be optimised and modern technologies and standards adopted.

Lifecycle Solutions

Guaranteed asset performance

The Wärtsilä Guaranteed asset performance is a solution that provides guaranteed operational reliability.

Optimised operations

Ensures your marine and offshore assets operate energy efficiently and that your SEEMP measures are in...

Optimised maintenance

The Wärtsilä Optimised maintenance lifecycle solution optimises maintenance intervals utilising its Dynamic...
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Wärtsilä Lifecycle solutions

Wärtsilä Lifecycle solutions for Marine range from matching maintenance to your operations, optimising ship energy efficiency to guaranteeing asset performance.

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Creating value through digitalisation – solution studio video

Advances in digital technology are changing the world at an increasingly rapid pace. Digitalization offers you the opportunity to create new services – even new business models – at all lifecycle stages, from design to operations support.

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Creating value through digitalisation

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