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OPEX savings created by shared incentives in Oil & Gas operations 

Shared incentives between OEM’s and Oil & Gas asset owners will create OPEX savings and opportunities for introducing efficiency. A shared risk and award model will be fueling common efforts to generate improved competitiveness (OPEX savings) for Oil & Gas asset owners.

By focusing on outcomes instead of activities the value of the joint achievement becomes clear. Ensuring safe and reliable operation is the starting point in the work of optimizing equipment performance and conducting maintenance at the right time. In addition, as the payments are linked to the result achieved the financial outcome is also tangible.
BWP - Environmental compliance - Oil and Gas industry
Business white paper: Shared incentives create OPEX savings in oil & gas

Business white paper: Environmental compliance in the Oil & Gas industry

Business white paper: Shared incentives create OPEX savings in oil & gas

The oil & gas industry has, like many other industries, two sides to the environmental challenge - the environmental footprint as perceived by the general public, and compliance with regulations. Although building a more sustainable image is crucial, the outcome of the efforts are seldom easy to show. Regulations and taxation on the other hand, function as strong drivers for companies to reduce their emissions, as these directly effect the result. This means that innovative and forward-thinking industry players will be rewarded, if they accomplish to reduce the environmental footprint.

The oil & gas industry has gone through a major transformation after the oil price crashed in 2014. Even though the oil price is now on the way up, the downturn has left some permanent marks on the industry. Significant work has gone into reducing the lifting cost per barrel from the oil company side. This has been done by reducing costs, but also by applying new ways of working and new solutions. Cost reductions have also been evident to drilling contractors (as well as other contractors), as they have seen their top line come down by 50% and experienced lower activity level in general. 

Live talk

#WartsilaLiveTalk: A profitable way to lower the environmental footprint in O&G 
Growing awareness towards environmental challenges is rising globally – but how does this affect the Oil & Gas industry? Learn more about the opportunities and challenges that industry stakeholders are facing today and in the future.

Hanna Viita_bw

Hanna Viita

Marketing Director, Wärtsilä Services

Hanna is heading Wärtsilä Services business global marketing and communications, focusing on customer value creation, and developing practices to respond to changing customer behaviours. Recent work has included introduction of Wärtsilä vision and messages on energy intelligence and clean environment. Hanna has 20 years experience within marketing, including brands such as Apple and Nokia.

Søren Segel

Senior Development Manager, O&G Environmental, Wärtsilä

As part of Wärtsilä O&G Services, Søren focuses on solutions for energy and environmental management in the offshore Oil & Gas industry. He strives to deliver operational costs savings to customers while reducing their environmental footprints.

Varun Ramdas

Head of HSSE Asia Pacific, Maersk Drilling

As the Head of HSSE, Asia Pacific at Maersk Drilling, Varun leads a team of energy efficiency and environmental specialists. Varun has a background in leading maritime businesses in energy savings and green technologies – and he believes in creating shared value within businesses while reducing their environmental impact.

Wärtsilä performance optimisation

Wärtsilä's lifecycle solutions ensure that your offshore oil and gas assets operate efficiently and stay compliant with industry regulations. With real-time monitoring and advisory services, operations are optimised to maximise efficiency. Performance is further enhanced with on-board advisory services, audits and component condition evaluations, which help identify areas in need of improvement. These services, together with ongoing evaluation and regular system upgrades, help ensure continuous improvement throughout the lifecycle.
    Guaranteed asset performance

    The Wärtsilä Guaranteed asset performance lifecycle solution ensures the operational reliability, performance and uptime of your vessels and installations. We help you maximise uptime through optimised maintenance and remote operational and technical support.

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    Performance optimization through tu
    Optimised maintenance

    Maximising maintenance efficiency and costs is key to ensuring profitability. With the Wärtsilä Optimised maintenance lifecycle solution, we plan and schedule maintenance activities to suit your business operations, improving long-term cost predictability and uptime. By performing maintenance according to the actual condition of your equipment rather than a fixed schedule, we can help prevent the unexpected and optimise the availability of your equipment throughout its entire lifecycle.

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    Performance upgrade for Wärtsilä 34SG
    Optimised operations

    In today’s competitive environment, maximising operational efficiency is key to ensuring profitability. With the Wärtsilä Optimised operations lifecycle solution, you benefit from unprecedented insight into your operations based on real-time monitoring and intelligent analytics. With the help of our decision-making support tools and advice from dedicated experts, you can ensure that your operations are optimised – enabling long-term cost predictability while reducing energy consumption and emissions.

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    The new prechamber improves efficiency

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