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Improving energy efficiency in the cruise and ferry industry

Lower operating costs, reduced emissions and more sustainable brand image

Improvements in energy efficiency offer cruise and ferry operators an opportunity to reduce operating costs and emissions as well as building a more sustainable brand image. The overall energy efficiency of a vessel is determined by the choices made throughout its lifecycle.

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Energy efficiency for the Marine Industry

Energy efficiency is one of the most important ways to enhance competitiveness in today’s marine industry. But how can energy efficiency be maximised over the entire lifecycle of a fleet?


Pierpaolo Barbone

President, Services & Executive Vice President, Wärtsilä

Deputy to the Wärtsilä CEO since 1 November 2015 and President, Services & Executive Vice President, Wärtsilä Corporation, since 2013, Pierpaolo holds a M.Sc. (Eng.) and has global experience of multiple Wärtsilä functions and geographies. His mission is to improve the lifecycle efficiency of customers’ installations across the globe.


Juha Kytölä

Vice President, Marine Solutions, Environmental Solutions, Wärtsilä

Juha Kytölä is leading the Environmental Solutions business within Marine Solutions. He is a true believer on that modern technologies can truly contribute to sustainability of shipping businesses now and in the future. With the 28 years of experience of disruptive and incremental product innovation and development he believes that a lot more can be done for sustainable shipping.


Henrik Dahl

Managing Director, Eniram

Since foundation in January 2005, and as the first employee of Eniram Henrik has been responsible for raising over EUR 10M of funding, building the international sales network of the company, and taking the company from an early stage start-up to the leading energy management company in the marine sector. Before joining Eniram he managed an early-stage software startup and worked in business analytics & consulting.


Business white paper: Improving energy efficiency in the cruise & ferry industry

Find out how you can improve energy efficiency throughout a vessel's lifecycle.

Solutions for improving energy efficiency

Optimised operations

Ensures your marine and offshore assets operate energy efficiently and that your SEEMP measures are in compliance with MARPOL regulation...

Wärtsilä EnergoProFin

An energy saving propeller cap with fins that rotate together with the propeller. This solution provides average fuel savings of 2%...

Wärtsilä 46 Performance optimisation

Improves fuel economy by upgrading the latest ABB TPL 73 turbocharger technology...

Wärtsilä 50DF turbocharger performance upgrade

Increases engine performance in gas mode operation by increasing the waste gate margin around 10 percent.

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