Wärtsilä Genius services

Wärtsilä Genius services

Wärtsilä Genius services enhance the performance of your assets as well as help your business top line growth. Switch of focus from maintenance and servicing to more comprehensive optimisation of business, based on a consolidated approach toward the entire installation, utilising benefits of real-time data and data analytics.
We utilise connectivity, data and analytics in order to enable your success.
Optimise Genius Services


Increase competitiveness and effectiveness in your daily operations with real-time optimisation.

Would you like to optimise?
  • Increase your operational efficiency
  • Explore others’ best practises
  • Manage fuel and other operating costs
  • Optimise your asset  according to your operation strategy
  • Use the most convenient, safe and cost-efficient sea route


Improve your asset and business availability and predictability with lifecycle maintenance

Would you like to predict?
  • Align operational decisions on the actual condition of the equipment
  • Match maintenance to your operational profile
  • Financial predictability
  • Get the most profitable routes for your vessels by using the holistic market view
  • Increase your revenue with more efficient usage of your fleet throughout its lifetime
  • Ensure capacity and availability of your operations
Predict Genius Services
Solve Genius Services


Ensure the safety of your operations and get instant support whenever and wherever you need it

Would you like to solve?
  • Remote support to ensure safe operation
  • Get prompt advise from the best experts globally to your operational matter
  • Shortest possible time to solve any technical issue

Related solutions

    Propulsion condition monitoring service
    PCMS provides the customer with real-time advice and periodic reports concerning the condition of the machinery, as well as information necessary for efficient maintenance planning. With PCMS, customers can enhance the availability, reliability and profitability of their installations, whilst also reducing risks to and the maintenance costs of their assets.
    Engine efficiency monitoring service
    With Wärtsilä Engine efficiency monitoring service you can minimise fuel consumption and optimise your operational practices. The service monitors the engines' efficiency in a standardised (ISO specified fuel oil consumption) way, and supports overhaul and operational decisions.
    Cyber security patching service
    Wärtsilä Cyber security patching services is a subscription-based service that provides tools for managing the entire lifecycle of your industrial control system assets. The service provides essential updates, patches and hot fixes for applications, operating systems, devices and servers.


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