See our wide range of services and solutions. From services and solutions for engines, propulsion and electrical and automation systems to service agreements and training services.

4-stroke Engine Services »
2-stroke Engine Services »

Our engine services focus on engine efficiency and  performance. A range of conversion and upgrading solutions target fuel flexibility, engine performance and emission reductions.

Lifecycle Solutions »

A service agreement ensures reliable performance from receiving of fuel to supplying energy. We can free you from many day-to-day operational concerns so that you can focus on your core business.

Wärtsilä Genius services »

Wärtsilä Genius services utilise the advantage of connectivity and real-time data gathering to optimise your operations, deliver more value and enable your growth.

Service Projects »

Our service project capabilities can help optimize the performance of your installation through upgrades, modernizations, fuel conversions and safety solutions.

Training Services »

Our global network of training centres covers all aspects of management, operation, maintenance and safety issues.

Propulsion Services »

We offer a complete range of services for propulsion systems throughout the lifecycle of an installation. Propulsion improvements enable optimized vessel fuel efficiency and offshore rig reliability.

Seals & Bearings Services »

We provide complete stern tube packages including seals and bearings that are all manufactured by Wärtsilä. Our upgrade solutions maximize equipment performance and operational efficiency throughout the installation’s life and bring aging systems up to today’s technical standards to fulfill customer requirements.

Environmental Services »

We offer solutions and services ranging from those aimed at reducing various air emissions and the adaptation to different fuels, to ballast water treatment and other water solutions.

Electrical & Automation Services »

Our services include the maintenance and upgrade of all types of control and automation systems – the services range from instrumentation to turnkey engineering packages, modernisation or conversion projects.
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