See our wide range of services and solutions. From services and solutions for engines, propulsion and electrical and automation systems to service agreements and training services.

4-stroke Engine Services »
2-stroke Engine Services »

Our engine services focus on engine efficiency and  performance. A range of conversion and upgrading solutions target fuel flexibility, engine performance and emission reductions.

Lifecycle Solutions »

A service agreement ensures reliable performance from receiving of fuel to supplying energy. We can free you from many day-to-day operational concerns so that you can focus on your core business.

Wärtsilä Genius services »

Wärtsilä Genius services utilise the advantage of connectivity and real-time data gathering to optimise your operations, deliver more value and enable your growth.

Service Projects »

Our service project capabilities can help optimize the performance of your installation through upgrades, modernizations, fuel conversions and safety solutions.

Training Services »

Our global network of training centres covers all aspects of management, operation, maintenance and safety issues.

Electrical & Automation Services »

Our services include the maintenance and upgrade of all types of control and automation systems – the services range from instrumentation to turnkey engineering packages, modernisation or conversion projects.
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