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Equipment failures are never planned and typically come when least expected. By carrying out critical repairs to stern tube seals and other equipment while the vessel remains in service, operations can continue uninterrupted and the ship’s performance is undisturbed. In addition to emergency repairs performed underwater, Wärtsilä’s services can also be extended to include routine maintenance. The majority of scheduled overhauls of stern seals can be performed without dry docking, which reduces both maintenance costs and downtime, and minimizes the impact on vessel schedules.

Wärtsilä offers tailored and managed solutions for underwater repairs and maintenance to stern tube seals and bearings. The range of solutions includes planning, equipment supply, repair supervision, providing OEM assurances, and dedicated project management.

Solution studio: Underwater stern tube seal servicing

    • Allows the vessel to remain in service with unrestricted performance
    • Service work can be performed during typical 8 to 12 hour port calls. If required, service and repairs can be carried out in phases during several port calls to ensure the vessel remains on schedule.
    • Allows proper planning and economical use of dry docking maintenance schedules
    • Avoids unnecessary cargo handling, thus reducing delays
    • Globally available with consistently high-quality workmanship to the same standard as provided above water
    • Class Approved underwater propeller repairs
    • Trained Wärtsilä-qualified diver technicians carry out underwater repairs that were previously only possible in dry dock 

    Underwater inspection, repairs, overhauls, upgrades, replacement and spare parts for all Wärtsilä underwater equipment:

    • Steerable and Tunnel Thrusters
    • Controllable and Fixed Pitch Propellers
    • Rudders
    • Seals & Bearings

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