Wärtsilä Alignment & measurement services

Wärtsilä Alignment and measurement services offer advanced solutions for aligning all types of rotating and nonrotating equipment. The services cover the entire scope of works, from measurements, calculations and reporting to proposing and carrying out corrective actions. All work is done using class-approved methodology.

Alignment control of the propeller shaft is done using Wärtsilä´s patented gyro laser technology. The technology enables fast and accurate measurement of the bending line, allowing the detection of any vertical or horizontal misalignment. Used in combination with a jack-up system, it allows the engineer to compare the measured bending curve with the actual load in the bearings. With the necessary tools in place, realignment of shaft lines can be carried out in a couple of hours.

    • Increased operating time and productivity
    • Reduced wear and downtime
    • Pinouts and live visual displays provided
    • Fast and accurate measurement
    • Approved by all major classification societies

    The Wärtsilä Alignment and measurement services are suitable for both new and existing operational equipment. Measurement and repair solutions are offered for:

    • Stern tubes
    • Propeller shaft and Intermediate shaft
    • Engines
    • Gearbox
    • Shaft generator
    • Rudder
    • Hull
    • EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining)

    * Electrical Discharge Machining is a unique machining technique when it comes to difficult-to-access areas, machining of hardened materials, removal of broken drills, taps etc., or special surface requirements

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