Wichtronic I & II replacement

Wichtronic I & II systems have been in use for some 30 years, and certain spare parts are now becoming obsolete. In order to overcome operational interruptions, additional costs, extended repair times, and off hire because of unavailability of parts, a replacement system has been developed.These retrofits optimize the..

These retrofits optimize the entire Wichtronic I & II installation, including upgrading the old system cards and “brain” in the remote control system – without replacing any cables. The result is greater accuracy and an up-to-date system controller. The system represents a tailor-made solution based on standardized components. It can include the existing functionality or have optional new system benefits. It is in all cases reliable, easy to use, and simple to install.

    Technical info

    The replacement package consists of all the materials needed to upgrade a serviceable product. The package is customized to order.


    The Wichtronic I & II Replacement System optimizes the entire propulsion control installation, including upgrading the old analogue system cards in the remote control system with a PLC based digital system. The result is improved accuracy and an up-to-date system controller.


    Wichtronic  I & II


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