New propeller design for efficiency improvement

By redesigning and replacing existing Fixed Pitch Propellers using Wärtsilä’s state-of-the art design tools, notable efficiency improvements can be achieved. For example, by designing the propeller to accommodate slow steaming at reduced vessel speed and power levels, efficiency improvements of up to 15% are possible.

    Technical info
    To achieve perfect harmony between the propeller, engine and hull, the design has to be absolutely right. The Wärtsilä Propeller design is the result of highly experienced design engineers having access to the very latest and most sophisticated software and analysis tools. CFD calculations analyze not only the propeller performance but most importantly also, the interaction between the propeller and hull. This provides extremely accurate information to achieve design and parametric optimization. This state-of-the-art design protocol optimizes the vessel’s overall propulsive efficiency.  With each new propeller design being individually customized to meet specific application requirements, the vessel’s EEDI/EEOI is improved. This in turn leads to reduced exhaust emissions. The new propeller design obtains acceptable pressure pulses on the hull to avoid high propeller induced noise and vibration levels.
    • Increase in efficiency
    • Solving cavitation erosion problems
    • Reduce noise and vibration levels
    Any propeller brand

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