Marine maintenance agreement

A maintenance agreement with Wärtsilä is an efficient way to ensure certainty of operations with fixed and budgeted maintenance costs. It means agreeing on and working towards shared goals that are measured by defined performance indicators.

Maintenance agreement - Ensuring certainty of operations

A maintenance agreement is a partnership with the mutual goal of ensuring that your investment is secure and predictable. It ensures certainty of operations and minimises risks by transferring the responsibility for the maintenance of your equipment to Wärtsilä. The agreement covers maintenance planning and service whenever and wherever needed, with fixed prices for inspection, technical support, spare parts, training and maintenance work.

A maintenance agreement brings considerable benefits:

  • Long term cost predictability and shared goals
  • Maximised uptime through proper maintenance and coordinated schedules
  • Online condition monitoring and technical support where and when needed
  • Global and local coordination through network companies with workshops and skilled service experts
  • Dedicated technical expertise and support
  • OEM spare parts and consumables – anytime, anywhere
  • Fixed variable fee Euro/Rh, parts and work included

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