Wärtsilä 46 Performance optimisation

The Wärtsilä 46 Turbocharger Performance Optimisation solution improves fuel economy by upgrading to the latest ABB TPL 73 turbocharger technology.

Upgrading to the latest compressor type improves the speed margin since the same boost pressure can be reached at a lower speed. Thermal loading is reduced because the engine exhaust gas temperature is lower. The improved efficiency and reduced thermal loading also result in lower lifecycle maintenance costs.

    Technical info

    The performance upgrade kit includes the following equipment:

    • Cartridge
    • Wall insert
    • Air diffuser
    • Nozzle ring
    • Reduced fuel oil consumption
    • Increased speed margin
    • Improved lifecycle support
    • Fast installation, engine downtime about 8 hours
    • Turnkey solution
    • Complies with IMO regulations
    The Wärtsilä 46 Turbocharger Performance Optimisation solution is designed for Wärtsilä 46 marine applications with TPL 73 turbochargers.

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