SFOC Reduction package for Sulzer ZA40S

The Wärtsilä SFOC (Specific Fuel Oil Consumption) Reduction package for Sulzer ZA40S is a solution for engine efficiency optimisation and fuel oil consumption reduction on marine Cruise and Ferry applications.

Wärtsilä’s SFOC Reduction Packages, available for IMO compliant and non IMO compliant engines, reduce the SFOC considerably. Tests performed have demonstrated that 2% or 3.5% fuel savings can be achieved for IMO or non IMO configurations respectively.

    Technical info
    There exists both a basic and an extended retrofit package.

    The basic package for IMO compliant engines consists of a new injection system configuration, a hydraulic variable inlet closing device, and a new dedicated turbocharger configuration.

    The extended package for non IMO compliant engines consists of the basic package with the addition of dedicated compression ratio optimisation to maximize the efficiency improvement achieved by fine tuning the engine.
    • Guaranteed FOC savings up to 3.5%
    • Improved engine efficiency through fine tuning engine operation, e.g. combustion
    • Reduced carbon emissions and smoke visibility
    • Possible to monitored performance via Condition Based Maintenance (CBM)
      • Longer service intervals without increasing risk of degrading performance
      • or component failure
      • Minimised planned and unplanned downtime
      • Maximised installation safety and availability under all operating conditions
    • Reduced OPEX costs
    • Reasonable ROI, less than two years with engine running 5000 hours per year
    Marine Cruise and Ferry applications having Sulzer 8ZAL40S and 16ZAV40S engines.

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