Wärtsilä Integrated Automation System (WIAS)

Flexible and modular automation platform to increase system reliability and reduce maintenance costs.

The Wärtsilä Integrated Automation System (IAS) family is a flexible and modular automation platform capable of providing a range of functionality from basic Alarm & Monitoring to advanced Integrated automation systems.

    Wärtsilä IAS LT

    Wärtsilä IAS LT is targeted for vessels requiring a basic, value driven solution. Wärtsilä IAS LT provides a largely standardised alarm and monitoring solution, where control functionality is not required. In its simplest form, Wärtsilä IAS LT includes monitoring of engine, propulsion and essential engine room support systems with standard operator interface screens for alarm groups, summary and historical trending. Through Extended Alarm System (EAS) and Deadman System (DMS), Wärtsilä IAS LT meets classification requirements for Unmanned Machinery Space (UMS) operation.

    • Merchant vessels including tankers, bulk, ro-ro & container ships
    • Ferries, fishing & coastal vessels
    • Coastguard and naval
    Wärtsilä IAS

    Wärtsilä IAS
    Wärtsilä IAS is the next level of automation which includes control capability of ship’s systems from a central location on the vessel. This level provides all the basic functionality of the LT version together with added and seamless integration of Wärtsilä’s state-of-the-art Power Management System, Engine Control and Propulsion Control systems. Integration and control of Third Party ship’s auxiliary systems is also included. 

    • Complex diesel electric offshore supply and special vessels
    • Large merchant vessels including LNG tankers, ro-ro & container vessels
    • Large ferry & cruise vessels
    • Coastguard and naval
    Wärtsilä IAS XT

    Wärtsilä IAS XT
    Wärtsilä IAS XT includes all the features and functionality of IAS LT and IAS versions of the Wärtsilä automation family. Wärtsilä IAS XT extends the capability of Wärtsilä IAS by integrating with smart Vessel Performance & Information System, Condition Based Monitoring of Engines & Propulsion and Remote Online Support. It also interfaces with DP systems and other bridge navigational systems such as Voyage Data Recorder (VDR), Bridge Alarm and Monitoring System (BAMS), ECDIS, Conning, GPS to list a few.

    • Complex diesel electric offshore and special vessels
    • Large FPSO and offshore production platforms
    • Large cruise vessels
    • Naval

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