Governor replacement and speed/load controller upgrade

Engine automation in general, and the speed governing system in particular, has a direct effect on the control and performance of the engine under various loads. Modern engines are equipped with digital control systems, which provide several advantages over traditional mechanical-hydraulic governors. In order to modernize older engines, Wärtsilä offers a speed governor conversion solution. By replacing the existing governor and control system with the latest design and technology, both marine and power plant installations can benefit economically, as well as environmentally.

Wärtsilä is able to offer a complete package for each engine and installation. It includes everything needed, from the actual cabling to high-level programming of the digital speed/load control system. Whether the engine has a fully mechanical control system, or is equipped with pneumatic controlled governors, it can profit in almost all areas from a new, individually designed Wärtsilä control system.

    Technical info
    The conversion comprises a complete speed/ load control solution, with which the previous governor (e.g. mechanical-hydraulic governor) is replaced by a modern, digital control system. As the retrofit solution is completely on-engine mounted, no system outside the engine needs to be modified. The on-engine mounting is provided with a compact design, where the module is mounted in a specially designed enclosure having an IP67 environmental protection specification. It can cope with demanding environments with high vibration levels and high operating temperatures.

    Engine performance:

    • Electrically controlled governors allow more precise adjustment of speed and load sharing
    • Electrically controlled governors allow more precise adjustment of speed and load sharing
    • Dynamic performance can be optimised for every running mode
    • Higher stability of the engine speed shortens the synchronization process
    • The solution improves engine stability and response to load changes
    • Parallel operation of older engines with new engines in one system
    • Redundant overspeed protection increases engine safety

    Engine start behavior:

    • Improves the start behaviour (especially over-fuelling). A speed dependent start fuel limiter is integrated into the digital controls
    • Faster governor response and more reliable start procedure


    • Easier to overhaul/maintain, which in turn lowers operating costs
    • Engine tuning, troubleshooting, and temporary data monitoring can be carried out using a WECSplorer maintenance tool
    • Secured supply of spare parts and technical service support from Wärtsilä
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