Electrical & automation audits

Breakdowns and unplanned downtime represent the highest of all maintenance costs. Replacement parts, if available at all, have to be shipped in urgently, often at a significant additional cost. Maintenance personnel may need to work long hours at premium rates and the company can suffer both operational losses and a loss in customer goodwill. Clearly, breakdowns and unplanned downtime should be reduced as much as possible to minimize the burden on business.

Wärtsilä has studied the requirements to not only reduce these risks, but also to bring further added value benefits in reducing repair costs, extending equipment life, and improving operational efficiencies.

Solution studio: E&A audits


    By focusing on a wider spectrum of inspections, testing methods and operational reviews, coupled with Wärtsilä’s unrivalled field experience and technical expertise, the following benefits can be targeted:

    • Minimise unplanned downtime
    • Reduce repair and equipment damage costs
    • Increase overall efficiency of the electrical plant
    • Extend the life of the mechanical plant
    • Reduce insurance premium costs
    Power plant & marine applications


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