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Protecting your assets, optimising efficiency and solving problems fast.

From the day we install your pump and valve equipment to the day you scrap the vessel, we’re totally committed to keeping you operating, keeping you compliant and keeping you profitable. We have been servicing Pumps and Valves for over 100 years and we are proud of our heritage because it is built on the most respected brands in the history of the industry.

Wärtsilä Hamworthy Pumps

Replacement products

Wärtsilä has an extensive range of centrifugal pumps covering capacities between 15m3/hr – 6000m3/hr at heads of 15m -150m and deepwell cargo pumps covering capacities between 500 -1800m3/hr up to 33m in length for replacement purposes. High levels of stock, including spare parts and a global network of sales and service centres, ensure rapid response to meet your requirements.

  • Replacement and upgrades of existing Wärtsilä pumps (including Svanehoj, Hamworthy, Kvaerner and Eureka brands)
  • Easy replacement of other makes of pumps, like-for-like or with high efficiency Wärtsilä pumps
  • Simple cost effective maintenance
  • Large stock of pumps available from stock, fast delivery, lead times as short as 2 days ex works
  • One stop shop for third party replacement pumps
  • Retrofits
  • Hydraulic and mechanical upgrades 
DW cargo pump installation

Service and Support

  • From upgrades to commissioning and installing, Wärtsilä ensure your pump and valve equipment performs to the highest standards to optimize your operational efficiency. Reliable service partner
  • Training - onsite training facilities before final inspection and delivery ensuring complete confidence and operational reliability
  • Upgrades, troubleshooting and commissioning (onsite)
  • Life time support and spare parts for all pump products (including Svanehoj, Hamworthy, Kvaerner and Eureka brands)
  • Onboard pre-docking inspections and performance tests of deepwell pumps
  • Overhaul and repair during dry-dockings
  • Rapid turnaround of quotes
  • Emergency repairs
  • 24 hour worldwide technical support
  • Installation work and supervision
Shipham Valves factory

Pre-docking and inspection

Wärtsilä offers the option of sending a service supervisor for a pre-docking inspection during a discharge operation.

Our service supervisor will monitor the pumps for any abnormal vibration, noise, leakages from shaft sealing system etc. and carry out performance test before/during the discharge operation.

Our supervisor will bring calibrated pressure gauges to ensure correct pressure readings and Class approved equipment for machine diagnostics (FFT) and data collection from pump(s) and electric motor(s).

After the pre-docking inspection and performance test of pumps, we are able to issue a “Condition Assessment Report” where we as maker state our recommendations, which can then be presented to the Classification Society Surveyor.

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