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Environmental services

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Environmental compliance

Successful companies have adopted environmental thinking as an integral part of their business strategies and actual operations. The main drivers behind this change have been climate change, increased environmental legislation and growing environmental awareness among customers and other stakeholders.

Towards zero-emission shipping

BWP - A clean environment
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A clean environment

How to reduce the environmental footprint of your vessel and what are the benefits? Integrating business with environmental planning is the marine industry game changer. In any part of a vessel’s or even a fleet’s lifecycle, enhanced operational efficiency can now be tied to clear financial and environmental gains.

Case: Finnlines

Finnlines has made an economically-sound investment in eco-friendly scrubbers to comply with existing and future SOx emission regulations.

Case: Eidesvik

Viking Princess is the world’s first offshore vessel to combine energy storage using batteries with LNG-fuelled Wärtsilä engines.

Environmental solutions

We offer complete solutions for reducing your environmental footprint. Move your mouse on the ship to explore examples of our environmental solutions and click the links to find out more.
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Our expertise ensures that the solution provided meets your operating requirements, while complying with all relevant environmental legislation.
    Wärtsilä HY upgrade
    The Wärtsilä HY upgrade is a retrofit solution for existing vessels to integrate hybrid systems with engines. The solution offers significant efficiency improvement by running the engine on optimal load and absorbing many of the load fluctuations through batteries. By increasing the power redundancy, the system allows the engine to operate closer to its optimum design point where it has highest efficiency and least emissions. This will result in reduced operating costs, optimized energy efficiency and increased safety, while always meeting the most stringent environmental rules.
    Ballast water management
    The Wärtsilä Aquarius® Ballast Water Management System (BWMS) range comprises two product series specifically developed to enable our customers to meet their global ballast water discharge regulatory obligations. Both technical solutions, one based on filter UV and the other on filter side stream electro-chlorination (EC), have achieved IMO type approval status and both have been AMS accepted by the USCG.
    Exhaust gas cleaning
    Just as cleaning wastewater or reducing air emissions are important contributors to a cleaner environment, engine efficiency is also central to sustainability. With years of experience in exhaust gas cleaning for marine applications, Wärtsilä has developed efficient, safe, and certified products for eliminating air emissions.

    Our extensive reference list is evidence of our know-how and expertise in this field. With different size options, a minimized footprint, retrofit packages, and environmentally sound options, we are certain that we can find the right solution for any vessel. Our dedicated EGC team will assist you every step of the way; from initial planning to post-installation service agreements.
    Waste, oil and fresh water management
    With Wärtsilä’s water treatment solutions you are able to minimise harmful substances in different kinds of water streams on marine and oil & gas installations. Wärtsilä’s water solutions consist of solutions for treatment and monitoring of bilge, sludge and oily water from marine vessels.
    Engine emission measurement
    Emissions measurement by Wärtsilä engineers ensures compliance with environmental regulations. The analysis results give an overview of the engine’s condition and indicate which components need to be adjusted to reach emission limits and improve performance.

    Tighter environmental regulations call for advanced emission controls and near-zero diesel emission levels. Emissions limits are set by the authorities in most industrialised countries, with regular measurements to check compliance. Targeting lower emission levels means that the methods for measuring and controlling them must become more accurate and reliable.

    Live talk

    Clean environment

    The clean environment live discussion dives deeper into topics such as how incoming environmental regulations and zero emissions initiatives contribute to the sustainable future of the marine industry. Expert guests Ulf Hagström, Thina Saltvedt and Giampiero de Cubellis discuss together with the host Björn Ullbro.  




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    An oceanic awakening’ is a global movement focused on the radical transformation of the world’s marine and energy industries into one supremely efficient, ecologically sound, digitally connected and collaborative ecosystem. SEA20 is an international forum for the world’s foremost Smart and Ecologically-Ambitious marine cities, dedicated to making this happen.

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