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Reliability is essential

To keep your system functioning safely and reliably, Wärtsilä offers modernisation and electrical and automation solutions that improve performance, extend the lifecycle, and minimize risk.


Automation & Power distribution

Our Electrical & Automation Services include upgrade and retrofit solutions to improve the performance, extend the life and minimise the obsolescence risk of your existing assets. Our E&A Services also include everyday service, maintenance and repairs of electrification and automation systems.

In the marine sector, the growing reliance on electrical and automation systems has made these a highly critical factor for vessel safety. In the energy sector, the changing operating conditions, new grid codes and remote control requirements can mean that automation systems delivered just a decade ago may need upgrading. The oil and gas industry has very high requirements for availability and dependability as well as safety standards and traceability. To meet these, the systems used have to be maintained, calibrated and kept up to date.


Obsolescence management

The lifecycle of common electronics keeps getting shorter. Today, many electronic components have an expected life of less than five years. Aging components increase the risk of unplanned shutdowns, and obsolescence problems can make these shutdowns expensive. Component failures may also lead to critical automation, control or navigation systems being rendered inoperable.

It is a clear economic and safety risk to neglect the actual and potential problems that can be caused by obsolete electronics. Wärtsilä’s electrical and automation services are designed to ensure the safety and reliability of your systems at a reasonable cost.


Upgrades & retrofits

Significant savings can be achieved by upgrading an ageing installation. For example, an improved automation system increases availability, detects process malfunctions faster, improves product quality, and meets new operational requirements. If a plant is converted to a new use, more significant alterations may be necessary. In these cases, Wärtsilä can provide full turnkey EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) solutions. Our solutions cover everything from a small automation modernization project to a full rebuild, conversion or relocation.

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