Wärtsilä Gas conversion for power plants

As gas grids expand and emission levels continue to tighten, conversion to natural gas is an increasingly viable alternative for power plants. Wärtsilä engines are flexible and easily adapted to using gas as a primary fuel, helping to cut operational costs and exhaust gas emissions while increasing fuel flexibility.

In addition to engine conversion, all aspects of the power plant operation, from safety to reliability, are taken into consideration during the project. The conversion concept follows the same principles as those of a new Wärtsilä gas power plant built to the latest design and engineering standards. We can manage all phases of a gas conversion project, from feasibility studies, financing solutions, solution proposals, execution planning and implementation, to a full EPC solution.


    • Optimised OPEX
    • Fuel flexibility
    • Reduced environmental footprint
    • Increased flexibility in plant operations
    Technical info

    Wärtsilä offers the following conversion options: 

      Spark-ignited (SG)
    • Mono fuel: natural gas, LNG, LPG
    • For targeting the highest efficiency and asset output with the lowest emissions 
      Dual-fuel (DF)
    • Multiple fuels: HFO, LFO and natural gas, LNG
    • For meeting the need to switch between natural gas and liquid fuels 
      Gas Diesel (GD)
    • Multiple fuels: HFO, LFO, crude oil, natural gas, associated gas
    • For when the quality of the available gas is poor (associated- or flare gas)

    Convertible engine types are Wärtsilä Vasa32, W32, W34, W46 and W50.

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