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Expertise to rely on

The best way to keep on top of alignment problems is to prevent them from even becoming one. That’s why at Wärtsilä we have advanced solutions for aligning all types of rotating and nonrotating equipment.

With extensive knowledge and understanding of how propulsion systems behave and should be maintained, Wärtsilä has become a leading supplier of marine propulsion systems, from the engine to the propeller and everything in between.

Technology at the forefront

From providing accurate measurements to detecting vertical or horizontal misalignment, we offer all-encompassing alignment and measurement services using our patented gyro laser technology.

With our ground-breaking technology engineers can compare the bending curve against the bearing load and restore the shaft line to its correct position within two hours. 
Accuracy is everything.

    With our expertise in advanced alignment and measurement procedures, we can help ship owners and operators by:

    • increasing operating time and productivity
    • reducing wear and downtime
    • providing pin-outs and live visual displays
    • delivering fast and accurate measurements.
    We work on both new and existing operational equipment spanning:
    • stern tubes
    • propeller shaft and intermediate shafts
    • engines
    • gearboxes
    • shaft generators
    • rudders
    • hulls.


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    Flexible alignment monitoring on the go

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