Wärtsilä Wichmatic and Wichtronic propulsion controls upgrade kit

The Wichmatic and Wichtronic Propulsion controls upgrade kit is an in- cabinet solution, optimizing the propulsion control installation with latest technology.

Over time, control-system elements deteriorate and spare parts become obsolete and difficult to source. This can lead to unplanned downtime for maintenance and repair, increasing operational costs and off-hire. At Wärtsilä we are committed to supporting our customer throughout the entire lifecycle of the supplied equipment, so we have developed an upgrade kit for Wärtsilä Wichmatic and Wichtronic propulsion systems that is not only quick and easy to install, but also offers the potential for considerable savings.

    • Cut fuel consumption by optimising combinator curves
    • Lower maintenance costs by avoiding too quick loading and unloading of machinery for running up and down
    • Reduce engine and propulsor wear with more effective load control
    • Minimise downtime and costs with a standardised upgrade kit backed by excellent spares availability and first-class technical support
    Technical info

    The upgrade kit optimizes the entire propulsion system control installation. It includes upgrading the old system cards with a modern digital system, with no need to replace control panels or external cabling. The result is improved accuracy and a modern system controller.

    The custom upgrade solution is based on standardized components. It can be configured to provide the same functionality as the old propulsion control system and to add new functionality. The solution uses modern hardware and software components that are employed in a wide range of installations, ensuring excellent long-term support for spare parts and technical enquiries.
    The upgrade is applicable for all systems with Wichmatic and Wichtronic Propulsion control system.

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