Wärtsilä EnergoFlow

In today’s increasingly competitive shipping environment, you need solutions that not only increase your efficiency, but that are also reliable and have a short payback period. Wärtsilä EnergoFlow is an innovative and cost-effective pre-swirl stator that increases fuel efficiency by up to 10% – without increasing maintenance needs.

Wärtsilä EnergoFlow creates optimal inflow for the propeller by guiding one side of the stern flow in the opposite direction to the propeller rotation, generating pre-swirl. The solution consists of multiple curved fins and a ring attached to the ship’s hull to prevent the power losses that typically occur in a propeller’s slipstream.

    • Improves fuel efficiency by up to 10%
    • Reduces NOx and CO2 emissions
    • Provides a quick return on investment – typically one to two years
    • Requires no additional maintenance as the solution has no moving parts 

    Technical info

    The standard scope of supply for a Wärtsilä EnergoFlow delivery includes:

    • System design, supply and class certification
    • Redesign and modification of the existing propeller
    • Installation drawings and instructions
    • Design interface with the shipyard or ship designer
    • Supervision by Wärtsilä technicians during installation
    • Modification of the existing propeller if a new, optimized propeller is not included in the scope of supply

    Optional scope of supply:

    • New propeller with design optimised for Wärtsilä EnergoFlow
    • Model EnergoFlow stator and/or model propeller for testing 

    Applicable for vessels with fixed pitch propellers

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