Wärtsilä Thruster Preservation Bag

In an economically challenging market, many offshore operators will lay-up their assets. During this stacking period, which may be short- or long-term, it is essential that the assets are properly maintained. Rigs that are not deemed to be economically viable at this current time, may well be in high demand when the market recovers. With the Wärtsilä Thruster Preservation Bag, the thrusters are safe and fully protected against corrosion, marine growth, and oil contamination. By safely protecting the thrusters, the time between overhauls (TBO) can be extended. 

    Technical info
    The preservation bag arrangement forms a sealed habitat around the thruster and its steering pipe seals.
    • Protects thrusters from corrosion and marine life growth
    • Prevents thruster degradation and increases the time between overhauls
    • Shortens the time needed to get back in business, avoiding expensive and time consuming repairs/overhauls
    • Protects the environment by collecting any possible oil leakage inside the thruster preservation bag
    • Doesn’t affect the environment in case of leakage due to non-polluting anti-fouling and corrosion inhibitors.
    The Wärtsilä Thruster Preservation Bag is applicable to all thrusters, regardless of the original equipment manufacturer. It can be installed on any installation providing that certain conditions regarding the hull shape are met. If needed, a customized solution to suit any hull shape may be provided.

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