Lipstronic 7000 Display for CPP control systems

The Wärtsilä Lipstronic 7000 Display is able to perform the following:

  • Overview of all essential parameters, such as pitch, RPM, load and vessel speed
  • Trending of the system parameters
  • Overview of the entire pitch and load control loop for fast and easy status determination, or for fault finding
  • Logging of the system parameters with the capability to save and file for remote analysis
  • Overview of fuel consumption, either by calculation from the existing flow meters, or based on our estimated fuel calculation system that evaluates the engine parameters

    Technical info

    The Lipstronic 7000 Display is installed in the computer system which communicates via Ethernet to all existing PLC’s in the system.

    Wärtsilä requires all delivered systems to include at least one touch computer or desktop computer for the LT7000 Display system.

    More computers may be added to the system. These can be delivered by the customer.

    The Wärtsilä Lipstronic 7000 Display solution is used to achieve a quick status check of the propulsion system during operation, and when service work is carried out, i.e. to have a better overview when tuning the system.


    For all Wärtsilä Controllable Pitch Propellers with a Lipstronic 7000 propulsion control system

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