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Wärtsilä Optimised Maintenance - Improved availability and cost predictability

An Optimised Maintenance Agreement improves long-term cost predictability and availability by using data-driven maintenance at every step from planning to execution. You benefit from proactive support and recommendations from experts at our Wärtsilä Expertise Centres, who help you to optimise maintenance intervals according to actual needs and prevent unexpected downtime. We take full responsibility for maintaining your assets so you can focus on your core business.


Key benefits

  • Increased asset availability 
  • Reduced  unexpected downtime 
  • Guaranteed maintenance costs and easier budgeting
  • Increased visibility into your operational data with detailed insights 
  • Actionable advice from Wärtsilä Expertise Centre experts
  • Smarter, safer and more reliable operations

Building blocks for Optimised Maintenance

An Optimised Maintenance Agreement is a tailored to your unique needs by combining the right services and solutions into a comprehensive agreement package. The building blocks are: 

Optimised maintenance

Connectivity Solution
Partnership Management
Maintenance Planning
Fluid Management
Exchange Set Management
Data-driven Dynamic Maintenance Planning (DMP)
Expert Insight
Operational support
Fuel Efficiency Optimisation
Spare Parts
Maintenance execution

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Due to us having many installed engines, this is an effective solution that brings peace of mind with regards to maintenance planning and execution. Also, maintenance budgeting is now risk-free. In this way, we can avoid unpleasant cashflow surprises.

- Kostas Karathanos and Loukas Kavouras, Gaslog Ltd.


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