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Wärtsilä Performance upgrade for ZA40S

When a turbocharger has gathered enough years its efficiency is affected, leading to increased fuel oil consumption and high exhaust gas temperatures. In the Wärtsilä Performance upgrade the turbocharger is modernized and the engine tuning optimized to reap maximal benefits in fuel savings and lowered exhaust gas temperatures, increasing reliability of operations.

    Technical info

    The Wärtsilä Performance upgrade is a package solution where the turbocharger is upgraded from VTR to TPL; all necessary modification parts and automation are provided by Wärtsilä. Wärtsilä technicians will perform onsite tuning of the engine in accordance with the best available setup.

    A turbocharger automatic washing system (Wärtsilä Turbocharger wash) is also recommended to be included in the upgrade to maintain turbocharger efficiency during engine operations.

    • Lowered operational costs via reduced fuel oil consumption, starting from 1,5 g/kwh upwards
    • Increased reliability through lowered exhaust gas temperatures, starting from 30°C
    • Improves lifecycle support by updating your turbochargers to a newer design

    The above results were obtained on a laboratory engine comparing a new VTR with a new TPL. Even larger savings will be obtained when replacing an old turbocharger.

    The Wärtsilä Performance upgrade is particularly recommended for installations operating in extreme conditions where high environmental temperatures limit the maximum continuous rating.


    The solution is suitable for all ZA40S installations operating between 50% and 100% load. Preliminary verification of the engine-room dimensions is needed to ensure there will be no interference with the existing structure.



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    Wärtsilä Performance upgrade for ZA40S

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