Workshop & reconditioning center (2-stroke)

An overhaul in Wärtsilä workshop cuts back overhaul times and gives guaranteed quality, reducing the risk of breakdown during operation.

Our 70+ fully owned workshops are staffed with highly trained personnel and equipped with high standards machine tools, plants and equipments; specialists are at hand and there are close links with the engineering department and most of the necessary spare parts in stock and works according to classification rules. If needed, we will take care of the logistic chain between your installation and our service centres. We can also provide exchange component pool.

Our workshops carry out all types of maintenance, repair work, upgrades or modifications on:

  • Engines, 2-stroke and 4-stroke ,
  • Heat exchangers, separators, dampers, turbochargers, pumps etc.
  • Propulsion systems
  • Control and electrical systems

Reconditioning Services
Reconditioning is an ideal way to enable your installation to continue operating profitably while meeting new regulations and future requirements. With our reconditioning services, you will be able to achieve the maximum service life for your components with minimized maintenance cost without compromising safety or reliability.

Our worldwide Wärtsilä reconditioning network supply reconditioned engine components for all low- and medium-speed engine brands.

A wide variety of exchange components is available in all units, which enables you to take a reconditioned part on board while your vessel is berthed and return the old part to the nearest reconditioning centre without extra cost.

Main components for low-speed engines include cylinder covers, piston crowns, piston rods, exhaust valves and exhaust valve seats. Main components for medium-speed engines include cylinder covers, pistons and connecting rods.

Reconditioning of components for multiple brand low- and medium-speed engines cover piston crowns, piston skirts, cylinder covers, exhaust valves, spindles, seats and cages, connecting rods and piston rods.

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