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Wärtsilä has a selection of mobile apps, available for phones and tablets. More details about each app is found below.

App name: iPublication
Description: The Wärtsilä iPublication brings together a wide range of information about the Wärtsilä company using the utility of the iPad format. Here you can find Financial publications, Magazines, Books and other company updates.

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App name: Dispatch Tool
Description: The Dispatch Simulator is a tool developed to demonstrate the challenges posed by increasing amounts of intermittent renewable energy sources, showing how Smart Power Generation can answer to those challenges.

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App name: Wärtsilä Flexicycle™ 3D
Description: Flexicycle™ 3D iPad Application is an interactive 3D environment featuring Wärtsilä’s Flexicycle™ solution. Comprehensive and easy-to-use interface allows for navigation to many locations within the Flexicycle™ 3D power plant. Information retrieval at designated locations is available in various forms of media such as animations, publications and other documentation.

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App name: Investor Relations app
Description: The Wärtsilä Oyj Investor Relations app allows you to get the latest share price information and corporate news as well as review financial reports and presentations and corporate video and earnings presentations both online and offline.

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App name: Wärtsilä Convert
Description: Wärtsilä offers now an unit converter for its employees, customers, partners and anyone interested with all the necessary measures for Wärtsilä Power Plants.

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