Technical management agreement with Harvey Gulf

Oil fields depend on a continuous service from OSVs

In 2014, a TMA was signed for eight offshore supply vessels, of which four are in operation, and the fifth is under construction. The agreement term is five years per ship and guarantees ideal running conditions and optimised maintenance for a total of 18 Wärtsilä 34 dual-fuel engines and eight Wärtsilä 32 engines.

The oil fields require that the OSVs are constantly available. “Since the vessels serve multiple oil rigs, they go back and forth several times with just short stops for offloading in port and taking new goods onboard.”

“Abnormalities have been detected and corrected well ahead. We try to consider the future – anything that can prevent possible downtime. Thanks to these vessels performing so well, we can serve our clients in the best possible way,” Mr Yanner continues.

Wärtsilä provides extraordinary services

Knowing the real condition of the engine allows us to utilise dynamic maintenance planning. This, in turn, can reduce operating costs by optimising the timing of major overhauls and reducing the consumption of spare parts. “The CBM reports provide a good snapshot of how we are performing,” says Mr Yanner.

The agreement has helped Harvey Gulf to speedily get to the core of any problem and have it solved within only 12 hours, either by getting a technician onboard or receiving remote help and advice. “Compared to another of our vessels, with non-Wärtsilä engines, where it can take several days to get an engineer on board, this is a clear benefit,” says Mr Yanner, and adds “We have so little time in port that this timely service is of vital importance.”

“I cannot praise the service attitude of Wärtsilä’s engineers enough. Sometimes the engineer with the special knowledge that you need is not able to come to the vessel. Instead, another engineer comes, and he contacts the expert who then advises the other one and helps him do the work anyway. Wärtsilä provides truly extraordinary services,” concludes Mr James Yanner.

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