Ringkøbing, Denmark

Ringkøbing district heating company in Denmark has invested MEUR 4.2 to install the the extremely efficient and flexible Wärtsilä 34SG spark-ignited lean-burn gas engine. This was, at the time of commissioning, also Wärtsilä’s first commercial 20-cylinder gas engine.

Ringkøbing Fjernvarmeværk is owned by its users, who started the facility as an oil-fired plant in 1963. Following higher demand for heat another plant, this time a coal-fired plant, was built in 1980. Today both plants have been converted to run on gas. About 3650 households and industries are connected to the network.

Wärtsilä solution
The Wärtsilä 20V34SG generating set is situated in the Rindum plant, a substation in Ringkøbing Fjernvarmeværk’s district heating network. Weighing 130 tonnes, it has a net output of 8 MWe and 9.6 MWth. The new plant delivers heat to the town’s 9000 inhabitants and electricity to the local utility company RAH.

“The engine design is built on the well known Wärtsilä technology and for that reason we had no reservations about investing in this large engine,” says Jesper Skovhus Andersen, Plant Manager at Ringkøbing Fjernvarmeværk. A major reason for selecting a reciprocating engine, he continues, was the fact that the Wärtsilä engine produces twice as much electrical power as the gas turbine it replaced.
Name: Ringkøbing
Type: Combined heat & power plant
Location: Ringkøbing, Denmark
Owner: Ringkøbing Fjernvarmeværk, Denmark
Delivered: 2002
Engines: 1 x Wärtsilä 20V34SG
Total electrical output: 8 MWe
Total heat output: 9.6 MWth

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