Plains End I & II, CO, USA


"During breakfast and dinner hours demand increases and the plant follows this perfectly. This is the way. This is the future."
-Kent L. Fickett, former Senior Vice President of PG&E National Energy Group (predecessor of NEGT)


When decisiding on the technology for Plains End I & II, the critical factors for Cogentrix were the ability to operate at peak efficiency in demanding ambient conditions (6150 feet (1845 m) above sea level, average temperature of 97°F (36°C)), and the capability to cope with sudden load swings created by wind power and the distinct wind patterns in the Rocky Mountains.

The capability to operate efficiently at minimum plant output means that Cogentrix can sell spinning reserve in the ancillary services market. The plant is also able to provide rapid up and down output regulation, which the local utility, Xcel Energy, has acknowledged as a great benefit provided by Plains End.

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Type Wärtsilä 34 gas grid stability
Operating mode Peak load / standby & emergency
Gensets 20x W18V34SG + 14 x W20V34SG
Total output 231MW
Fuel Natural gas
Scope ED (Equipment Delivery)
Delivered 2001 & 2006

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Business Development Manager
Wärtsilä Power Plants
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