Pearsall Station, Texas, USA

"Wärtsilä's solution has allowed us to respond to changes in the grid when the wind stops blowing, being able to keep the plant at peak efficiency at all times thanks to the ability to dispatch the units in increments that fit our load."
-John Packard, Manager of Generation, STEC


The new energy landscape of the 21st century calls for cleaner, more sustainable energy. Texas has responded to the challenge by installing more than 12 GW of wind power, more than any other US state. However, wind power is as unpredictable as it is green.

South Texas Electric Cooperative decided to address the unpredictability of wind power head on. The key piece of their master plan was a state-of-the-art, gas fired, 203 MW Wärtsilä 34 grid stability plant, officially named the Pearsall Power Plant but widely known in the community as The Wind Enabler.

This backbone of the system is capable of reaching full output in eight minutes, providing 25% power in just two minutes. Icing on the cake is provided in the form of ancillary services, like black start capability and reserve power, which Pearsall can easily provide and STEC can sell on the correspondent market at a significant profit.

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Type Wärtsilä 34SG gas grid stability
Operating mode Peak load / standby & emergency
Gensets 24x W20V34SG
Total output 203MW
Fuel Natural gas
Scope EEQ (Engineering & Equipment)
Delivered 2009

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Business Development Manager
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