Pavana III, Honduras

The Pavana III project originated in 2001 when the Honduran national utility Empresa Nacional de Energía Eléctrica (ENEE) announced an international tender to purchase 210 MW for 12 years. In November 2002, ENEE awarded the 210 MW power purchase agreement contract to Lufussa, the company offering the lowest selling price, and they proposed Wärtsilä’s state-of-the-art technology to ENEE for its demonstrated economical, reliable, and environmentally friendly operation on low-cost heavy fuel oil.

Lufussa is a Honduran owned Independent Power Producer (IPP) which also owns and operates an 80 MW baseload plant with Wärtsilä engine technology, a 40 MW peaking plant with gas turbine technology, and a fuel import terminal.

Wärtsilä solution
The plant layout of the Pavana III plant accommodates 16 Wärtsilä 18V46 engines in two separate engine halls joined together by the control room. This design, selected for safety reasons, also allows the operator to have visual contact with all engines. Furthermore, the plant is equipped with Wärtsilä’s state-of-the-art control and monitoring systems allowing easy and safe operation from the comfort of the control room.

The plant complies with the latest World Bank environmental guidelines and has received the necessary environmental permit from the Honduras government.

Name: Pavana III
Type: Oil power plant
Location: Pavana, Honduras
Owner: Luz y Fuerza de San Lorenzo S.A. (Lufussa), Honduras
Delivered: 2004
Engines: 16 x Wärtsilä 18V46
Total electrical output: 267.4 MW
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