M/T Cumhuriyet

The Ditas Deniz Isletmeciligi ve Tankerciligi A.S. company commenced its tanker operations in 1974. Today the company is owned by the Koç Group, which is the largest group of companies in Turkey and one of the driving forces of the Turkish economy.

Ditas Deniz is probably Turkey’s leading tanker management company. Among other´vessels Ditas Deniz owns the crude oil tanker M/T Cumhuriyet, the biggest tanker sailing under the Turkish flag, the oil/chemical tankers T.Sevgi and T.Gönül, and several other time chartered vessels.

Seal system in need of a retrofit

Serkan Demir, who has been with Ditas Denizfor more than five years, explains that the M/T Cumhuriyet was dry docked in Istanbul for seven days. – We needed to get all the maintenance and repairs done during this planned dry docking. We were also considering a retrofit of our seal system at the same time. At this point, the M/T Cumhuriyet did not have Wärtsilä seals; in fact, the vessel was not equipped with any Wärtsilä products at all.

–The spare parts and service for our previous system became too expensive and we did not reach an agreement with the manufacturer. We also wanted to rethink our dry dock procedures in the future, states Serkan Demir. Ditas Deniz wanted a seal system that ould function smoothly.

–Of course, we wanted a better seal system than before. We also wanted Wärtsilä t be aware of the fact that Cumhuriyet is vital for our business. There was no room for delays in the retrofit, Serkan Demir explains.

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