Humboldt Bay Generating Station, USA

The Plant is located in Humboldt County near Eureka in northern California. PG&E selected Wärtsilä's technology in order to repower their existing Humboldt Bay plant.  When compared to the existing 50 year old PG&E plant, the new facility will be 33% more efficient with 85% fewer ozone forming compounds and a 34% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions production.The plant was designed to meet the stringent air permitting requirements and California Energy Commission requirements in California.

The facility consists of 10 Wärtsilä 18V50DF lean-burn dual-fuel engines delivered on an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) basis. The engines are fuelled by natural gas, and use ultra low sulphur diesel as a back-up during times of natural gas curtailment. The Plant is capable of producing enough electricity to serve approximately 125,000 homes.
Name: Humboldt Bay Power Plant
Type: Grid Baseload, Gas Power Plant
Location: Humboldt Bay, Eureka, California, USA
Owner: Pacific Gas & Electric Co
Delivered: 2010
Engines: 10 x Wärtsilä 18V50DF
Total Electrical Output: 162.7 MW

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