Oil power plant references

  • Limbe power plant

    Power Plant rehabilitation project restores original capacity.

  • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia has diversified its economy and today it produces and exports a variety of industrial goods all over...

  • Termocabo, Brazil

    In 2001, the increasing demand for power, coupled with a lack of rain that caused many hydropower plants to stop...

  • Limbe, Cameroon

    The years 2000-2003 were exceptionally dry in Cameroon. Coupled with an increase in the demand for electricity...

  • Eden Yuturi, Ecuador

    A 85 MW Wärtsilä baseload power plant is operating on the Eden-Yuturi oil field development site in Eastern Ecuador...

  • OCP, Ecuador

    OCP Ecuador S.A. has built the Heavy Crude Oil Pipeline, the most important project developed in Ecuador since...

  • AGIP Villano, Ecuador

    AGIP Ecuador is the operator of the 40,000 bpd Villano oil field in the Oriente jungle in Ecuador. Since the drilling...

  • Kohinoor Energy

    Turbocharger upgrade brings economy into plant operations.

  • Kipevu II

    Automatic voltage regulator increases power plant’s reliability.

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