Wärtsilä Slide Bearings

Wärtsilä Slide Bearings are self-aligning bearings with a housing made of cast iron and centrifugally cast, tin-based, white metal bearing surfaces. They can all be fitted with complete remote monitoring for temperature and oil flow.

Depending on the application, the bearings can be altered to support both axial and radial loads. All bearing designs offer a variety of lubrication and cooling options to ensure that the bearings provide maximum performance.Side flange bearing type GF

Product Range Includes:

  • Side flange bearing type GF
  • Centre flange bearing type GM
  • Pedestal bearing type GP
  • Spare bearing shells (different shells depending on the thrust load to withstand) and circular tilting pads

Generator bearing solutions for machinery components: compressors, pumps, industrial power generating turbines, internal combustion engines, motors & generating sets
Axial and radial loads
Remote monitoring

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