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Internal combustion engine technology
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Gas power plants

Wärtsilä gas power plants use natural gas, the cleanest fossil fuel available, in the most economical way. This is possible thanks to their high efficiency at any load and unbeatable flexibility to start and stop exactly according to needs.

Besides the combination of efficiency and flexibility, these gas power plants also offer low emissions, and can provide a great amount of power in a reduced site, making it the optimal solution for locations where minimizing the environmental impact is a priority. As such, they can be placed close to consumption nodes, optimizing the power system.

Wärtsilä gas power plants can run on natural gas, LPG and various biogases.

Aliaga gas Power Plant

Aliaga gas power plant in Turkey

The benefits

  • Plant electrical efficiency of up to 50% in simple cycle and 54% in combined cycle mode

  • Only 5 bar gas pressure requirements for operation, which means no gas compressor is needed at the plant
  • Lean-burn technology guarantees very low emissions by itself, complying with most regulations, including IFC (World Bank group).
    By adding an SCR, even the most stringent standards worldwide can be met.

What they look like

Typical SG power plant

This is a simplified scheme of what a 50 MW Wärtsilä gas-fired power plant looks like.

Click the image to enlarge it and see it in full detail!

Our gas power plant solutions



  • Denton, Texas, USA
    Creating a power system that generates 70% of its electricity from renewable power sources is something most cities haven’t even thought of. The city of Denton, on the other hand, will have achieved this by 2019, thus making it a forerunner – not only in the USA but in the entire world – for such a sizeable integration of renewables into the supply. What makes this even more remarkable is that Denton is able to do this in an economically sensible way with the help of Wärtsilä’s ultra-flexible power plant.

    Denton, Texas, USA

  • Marquette Energy Center, USA
    When the temperature drops to –40 degrees Celsius, blackouts are not an option. In order to secure a reliable energy supply and enable more renewable energy, Marquette Board of Light and Power (MBLP) in Michigan, USA, opted for Wärtsilä Smart Power Generation technology. As an added benefit, the ultra-flexible power plant provides a new source of income by following real-time electricity prices. The dual-fuel plant replaces old coal-fired capacity.

    Marquette Energy Center, USA

  • Huinala, Mexico
    Mexico is quickly amending its energy laws, creating a new electricity market and allowing the private sector to participate freely in the generation and sale of electricity. The new strategy targets private and international investors, thus changing the market situation. The new regulations pave way for independent power producer (IPP) projects that will help the Mexican energy sector to not only cover the national demand, but also export electricity to its neighbouring countries.

    Huinala, Mexico

  • Tornio Manga LNG terminal, Finland
    The Tornio Manga LNG terminal is a long-term infrastructure investment programme. The beneficiaries include shipping and road transportation companies, power and heat utilities, as well as other industrial and mining companies in northern Europe. We appreciate Wärtsilä’s participation as a valuable partner in this project with special value-adding capabilities in this field.

    Tornio Manga LNG terminal, Finland

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