Wärtsilä Water Quality Systems

Modular designs to provide filtered water for both open and closed lubrication systems and thereby increasing longevity of supplied equipment operation and reduced wear; along with the associated maintenance downtime. This improvement applies to both seal and bearing products as the filtered supply removes particulates and contaminants to achieve a specified water quality in line with operating and environmental standards.

The base product, though customisable, is supplied from one of three standard formats; two types for open water systems and one for closed loop systems. The open loop systems have a base model incorporating pumping and an effective level of filtration and a higher level model that also includes cyclone separators, for improved filtration, and a level of semi-automatic maintenance built-in. Both open loop systems are dual pumped to limit risk and provide for redundancy. The closed loop system is also dual pumped with filtration and incorporates temperature monitoring as well.

Increases component availability, and industrial turbine/pump uptime, by removing particulates that can adversely impact performance where the base water supply is prone to silt, quartz or other contaminants.

Increases longevity, and associated Mean Time Between Maintenance [MTBM], for the seal and bearing component operation of an installation.

Dramatically reduces, or alleviates completely, the impact of particulates wearing, or damaging, the shaft in contact with the Seal or Bearing.

Reduces the through life cost for seal, bearing and shaft related expense both with regards product maintenance and spares usage/inventories.

Potentially universal application for water management in the supply of controlled lubrication for rotating equipment. Was specifically design for application in the marine sector but would have similar impact and effectiveness in power generation and general industrial installations

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