Wärtsilä Pumpguard PIMS

A compact PLC based system that enables a Wartsila Pumpguard Water WFS A Series seal to act in constant hydrodynamic operation. Originally a patented design it still remains unique in its field and delivers an extended service life over a standard hydraulically balanced seal.  Under constant development for functionality and integration, it has a strong alignment with demand to continuously reduce operating costs, extend service intervals and improve upon lifecycle efficiency for hydropower, tidal power and other industrial power generation applications.

The Pressurised Interface Management System [PIMS] was originally designed for sealing products that would have to operate in partial vacuum, having the majority of installations in hydropower turbine applications.  As a consequence of the dynamic control mechanisms, hydrodynamic operation is near constant and component wear, in operation, is vastly reduced, whilst extending in-service life of the seal.

The system is driven by robust industrial sensor inputs for temperature and pressure and the injected clean water feed is pressurised to balance. This also means that the seal system performs particularly well in installations where normal water supplies have high contaminant/particulate content which would otherwise increase wear and foreshorten service life.

Another advantage of this level of intervention is that issues, with dry start-up and the possibility of seal interface lock-up, are also removed as there is a constant presence of lubrication at the sealing interface which reduces frictional losses throughout the operational profile.

It can be configured to provide passive monitoring [to be fed to plant-level CM systems] for planned maintenance cycles.  Often a low cost addition to the plant’s SCADA/Monitoring systems, as software can be embedded into existing hardware, or supplied with standalone PLC.

This can also be fitted to other seals and bearings to monitor an extended portfolio of industrial power turbine performance, hence extending its value e.g. shaft vibration.

Seal control functionality on Pump and Pump/Turbine installations application
Passive monitoring on a wide portfolio of rotating equipment.

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