Wärtsilä Pumpguard Water WFS A Seals

A proven, highly engineered sealing solution with its design derived from submarine sealing technology it offers scaled quality, high performance and reliability.

The design utilises mechanical, helical spring forces and hydraulic on-load, to create a pressure-balanced sealing interface.  Available in both water and oil lubricated variants, this allows for a very broad operating profile.   In marine applications, Wärtsilä has an extensive, fleet wide installed base providing class leading performance, which translates perfectly for hydropower, tidal power and industrial applications.

An excellent seal for securing compliance and cost avoidance, particularly in heavily regulated and environmentally sensitive installations.

This seal type can be used with sensors and a control system and be incorporated into the Wärtsilä REvolution System. The seal will then act hydrostatically providing direct face lubrication injection.  This enables operation in partial vacuum and with high water particulate contamination, plus gives a vastly extended life and operation with very limited wear. As part of the Wärtsilä REvolution system, the seal design can incorporate passive monitoring and provide self-diagnosis and outputs to support effective planned maintenance.


  • Used in Hydropower, Industrial and conventional power generation applications
  • Various shaft and rotating equipment types
  • Larger pump applications
  • Widely used in most outside diameter or inside diameter pressurised applications.
  • Highly customisable, with a large portfolio of additional features, including emergency sealing

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