Wärtsilä REsafe Oil OMS Bearing

Wärtsilä’s oil lubricated, white metal bearing option is manufactured internally and then centrifugally cast creating a high bond strength between the cast iron body and the tin based white metal inner surface.  This type of bearing can be pressed fitted into housings or retained with resin bonding.

The stability and strength of this type of bearing allows operation at high pressures (up to 8 barg) as well as providing better heat transfer through the white metal and shell.  As well showing excellent performance and reliability in the power generation sector, it is also the industry standard for oil lubricated installations in the marine market.

Typically oil lubricated shaft applications
Industrial applications can include pumps in process industries, power generation, mining etc.
Hydropower turbines, tidal power turbines and pumps
Various rotating equipment applications
Wärtsilä re-babbitting services

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